Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Theme (Late)

I joined a Calgary Daily Bloggers group recently, even though I totally don't post daily. Anyways, every Sunday there's a theme and this weeks is 'Favorite Scene from a Disney Movie. So here's mine. Love the Emperor's New Groove.

The other DBers are Johhny, Steve, Jenn, Keri, and G. Gerald. Check 'em out.



Johnny said...

Love it man! Ezma is friggin sweet. Kronk too, but you totally captured Ezma!

Bronwyn said...

Ezma and Kronk!
You just became my hero all over again.

ishmael said...

vince k smith you never call, visit or bring me flowers.

both of my ostensible 'feelings' are hurt.

Vince K. Smith said...
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Vince K. Smith said...

Thanks, Johnny! You just gotta remember, skeleton.



Does that mean I get a hero cookie?



It might help if I had a phone number, address and preferred flora identicard. Miss you alot, girlie. I promise to get back on the Life Aquatic bandwagon soon.